Our Products

Electric Motors

High value line of AC and DC motors , 1/4 HP to 300HP. NEMA design in all 3 phase and single phase voltages.

Leading Brand of AC NEMA and metric motors, fractional to 3000HP for most commercial and industrial application needs.

Metric AC Electric motors 1/8 HP to 200 HP. Flange mounted and foot mounted.

Medium Voltage AC motors up to 20,000 HP and large parallel speed reducers up to 3,500,000 inch lbs. torque.

ROTOM CANADA manufactures OEM and General Replacement Fan Kits, Blowers, Motors, Axial Fans, Gear Motors, ...

AC & DC Variable Speed Drives

Full Line of variable frequency drives, fractional to 475HP.

DC, SCR controls in Chassis to NEMA 4X enclosures, single phase 1/8 HP to 2 HP.

AC variable frequency drives, servo drives and motors, speed reducers and gearmotors, clutches and brakes.

AC and DC variable speed drives 1HP to 2000HP for precision drive applications.

Other Products

Shaft grounding rings for motor bearing protection against damaging induced electrical currents.

Direct acting spring‐set brakes from 1.5 lbs. ft. to 25 lbs. ft. , NEMA 2 to NEMA 4X IP 56 enclosures.

Soft starters, low voltage and medium Voltage 220V to 15,000V, 8A to 3000A. Electronic brakes, 3HP to 350HP.

Full line of cast iron V‐belt pulley sheaves and bushings.

Distributor of HVAC - Appliance, Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Replacement Parts (HVAC)