About us

About us



MEP’s end goal is to be the undisputed leader and preferred partner in facilitating our customers growth. A strong values-driven culture has always been part of the fabric dating back to when the doors first opened up on April 1 1982. We take great pride in being your trusted electric motor and control experts, offering industry specific solutions that range from Agriculture to HVAC to Mining to Wind Energy and various other general purpose industrial applications. You can count on MEP to have the scope and experience to offer application specific solutions that are supported by industry leading customer service and products.




MEP has firmly established itself as a market leader and reliable choice as your local electric motor and control experts for a wide variety of applications. With customer expectations shifting in today’s digital world, we will continue to transform our company. Leveraging new technology and creating better products and accessibility is only part of our strategy. We fundamentally believe that in order to stay connected with our customers and to maintain relevance, we need to re-imagine the role in which we play in our customers lives. MEP will continue to expand our scope and expertise to offer application specific solutions that will be supported by industry leading products and customer service. MEP is in the business of supplying problem-solving products. We also understand that the customer is our “employer”. Our success will always be directly linked to our ability to consistently deliver quality products and solutions. Our goal is to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations on each and every transaction.




  • INTEGRITY – Our core values and beliefs are focused on the respect we have for both our customers and employees. This respect is also extended to the public and our communities. Simply put this is our key for future development and growth. When a conversation can start with great listening and be followed with honest dialogue a favourable solution can always be obtained. MEP will always strive to do the right thing to protect the people we work with. We know that respect and trust needs to be earned in every transaction we are involved with.
  • QUALITY – Our primary goal is to make sure that our customers get the best available products and services in the marketplace. We firmly believe that providing quality products  and services will create a mutual trust between our company and our valued customers. MEP will always strive to have the most technically talented professionals that in turn can offer application specific solutions on a consistent basis. We will back that up with applications specific products and features that is made and stocked to be readily available. All our products while delivering on features also must also deliver with the final value proposition.
  • SERVICE –It is no secret that customer satisfaction and loyalty is THE key driver to our future success. MEP will take the time to understand and know each of our customer’s business needs, their process and requirements from top to bottom. Our staff expertise can always create a solution that is unique as our customers need it to be. Whether your need is for increased production, improved product quality or to save on operating costs we have you covered. Each and every call is important to us and we truly appreciate every opportunity that is extended to us.
  • TEAMWORK – Teamwork is at the heart of our culture. All of our truly important achievements are accomplished through teamwork. When we collaborate and organize the multi-faceted skills and knowledge of our staff we feel that more right decisions will be made and our customers will be the beneficiaries with the products and services that are offered.
  • INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP  - MEP will continue to consistently expand our way of thinking through innovation and entrepreneurship. Our strategy is to be at the forefront of continuous improvement, to never settle for the status quo or to become complacent. Having the right foresight  in our market’s direction while staying flexible and being quick to implement and adapt these changes is critical to our future path. Introducing new technologies to solve today’s problems is paramount to us. This also needs to be delivered with the competitive value proposition that in turn will make our customers decisions that much easier to make.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – MEP openly practices an open-book management philosophy that enables us to educate our staff about the various streams of income and expenses that effect our bottom line. It helps all of us to understand how the work we do contributes to our success. Our open-book bonus plan drives accountability throughout the organization, making all of us accountable to each other. Honest dialogue applies not just to our customers but also with our employees.
  • PROFITABILITY AND GROWTH – Profitability enables us to reward our team members and to invest in our company’s future. Growth creates career advancement opportunities for our staff and enables us to enrich our talent pool and system resources. Profitability  and growth are as much a means to an end as an end in itself. Our success as a company is defined by the long-term well -being of the people and companies we serve, the places in which we operate and ultimately in the solutions and products we offer.