An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical torque. Applications for industrial electric motors include fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, farm equipment, food and beverage and many more. In 2022, it was estimated that electric motors consume 50% of the world's electricity. At MEP, we distribute complete lines of electric motors to Canadian industries. Discover the electric motor brands available at MEP.

MaxMotion, MEP's home brand, offers many types of electric motors: T-Frame, metric (IEC), stainless steel, general purpose 1 & 3 phase, closed coupled pumps, belted fans, PMDC and more.
US Motors (a Nidec brand) is now available at MEP. Electric motors for pump, pool & spa, farm duty, HVAC, World Motor IEC and NEMA, ACCU-series variable speed and much more to discover here.
MEP has been the main Canadian distributor of Marathon Motors since 1983. For expertise on their products and a fast delivery, contact MEP.
ALLTEMP (a DiversiTech Company) offers small electric motors and accessories under the brand ROTOM. From 3.3'' motors, axial fans, belted fan motors, Fasco motors to skeleton motors, you can get it through MEP.
Leeson is part of the REGAL REXNORD electric motor group. MEP is a distributor of Leeson industrial motors.
Fasco® has a 100 year history as an HVAC industry innovator.
Elco® is a worldwide high reputation brand for all products in the Commercial Refrigeration space with a pioneering position in EC technology.
GENTEQ is the industry leading provider of high-efficiency, variable speed HVAC blowers and motors.
The innovative Century® brand has been pioneering the use of electric motors in the HVAC, leisure water and commercial/industrial markets for nearly 80 years.
Lafert north America is one of the best sources for metric motors, gearboxes and coolant pumps. Contact MEP for a quote on LAFERT IEC motors.
The Cemp® brand has been a leader in furnishing “Mission Critical” Hazardous Duty ATEX and IECEx motors to an array of applications in the oil and gas, marine, and mining industries.
The Morrill brand has a well-earned reputation for innovation in commercial refrigeration applications where high efficiency and quiet operation are critical to quality.